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released January 15, 2013


Recorded and mixed by Szántó Tomi <3



all rights reserved


NORMS Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Strangers
lacking high hopes cuffed by life cops

kept in rooms, forced to scribe my will

i wanted life to convince me for 25 years

the birthday presents were judgement and disgust

these disguised dead heads with their ceremony skull fucks

my desire to love life turned me into a desolated child

too socialized and barely ritualized

so what the fuck now?

how will we come to terms when you are so hostile
and i'm just who i am

you are the anti-social

Track Name: Mirror Some Identity
you've been starstruck by some survivors of bad luck

and the gold dust they're spreading you will happily inhale

these apathy cults with their instant fame - kid you gave them your name 
for such is this and that self-indulgent pride
- even truth is shallow when it's empty as a lie

here they are burnt out rock stars of doing things right

are you a flag or are you a sign?
- you tinkered a cross to have yourself crucified

Track Name: Pyramid Scheme
every king falls by birth if they are crowned by clowns 

these regimes of fakes and fools - human bones to be ruled

theories of wrong hands insist another march 

a new leader will born soon because we are in the need of such

there’s no power just us who made it legitimized 

but let them believe he will be one of us 

one day freedom will be brought for us

till then we are bred into some pyramid scheme
to service and be serviced 

in the hierarchy of needs and neededs

where giving is a curse - we are trained from birth

can't you see all they have is what we give them?
so take it back
cause we're either all kings or slaves 

Track Name: Ghosts
you were a lonely child and i found you in a pit where most people go for fun - i found love

and we shook in ways both of us were scared and we deviated what was sacred in attempt not to fail

like cult leaders we wanted to be hailed and for laughs we both suffered pain

so i said call me up when your war ends and in hope i just watched the phone

one of us is an animal off it’s fucking chains
no more crime today cause these beds are like waves and i’m not prepared to sail
Track Name: Money Gods
the skyscraper environment gave us some new weather - whether this new world will be any better

the wandering poet eyes now seek the some roller coaster race for consumers’ prize

yes, we own our kids by blood still we bonded with them over adopted love

baptize your child in a shopping cart to testify your love to the neon gods

changes of the stock price will light your patience for the public eyes

that sex, drugs confusion became the only chance for the peace of mind

they won when all resistance is just "fuck life"

but fuck their lives cause the price they are paying is the shit of the chicken that carved our eyes out

with hope of a pension they are robbing us blind

you should raincheck on giving up

Track Name: How I Fail
i drew some lines to clarify my acts to survive

living had more style when the violence was right

the sorrow in my family's blood it wasn't that hard 

to bluff what was important while it was not

fear of failure succeeded well in me

i have sheltered will, mistaking luck for a skill

i rose on my toes to kiss the sky 

but it always seemed too far

i whistle and it rhymes with the rage of a child in every stages of life
where we shouldn't be around 

and i tried but does it make any difference now?
did i lose time when i held you like you were mine and you shook as you cried and i felt like i was commiting a crime

i fear time 'cause it tracks my life, marks my mind

i want it all now, nothing is mine